Rafael Morgan
Rafael Morgan
Rafael Morgan

Artist Statement
After enjoying 10 years of woodworking, I picked up the painter's brush in the year 2000. The body of work contained in this site represents the fruits of that new-found interest, which I am pleased to share with you. Coming into this new art form at a mature age, I decided at the outset to use only oil paint as my medium. After all, besides its proven durability and forgiving quality, it is the medium of choice by the masters. Work is done in the studio based on pictures taken by myself or supplied by others.

Taking lessons from accomplished artists is a constant temptation for me. For now, however, I have decided to tap into my own inner resource and see where and how far it will take me.

My heroes in this field are the pioneers of impressionism because they breached the wall of traditional painting. I also deeply admire Vincent Van Gogh for his transcendent ability to lay bare his emotions on canvas through the use of pure, bold colors. One work in particular entitled Crows Over The Wheat Field, considered by many to be his final piece, exemplifies this ability.

What do I aim for as an artist? If there is a single piece of art here that transfixes you, causes you to feel, even for a fleeting moment, that the everyday world has been suspended; sends you into that state of just being, I shall have achieved my objective through you, and your time will have been well spent at this site.

I wish to make known my deep gratitude to:
Michael Williams
for providing the stage for my first show at the then Fido Gallery (aka The Elvis House).
Teresa Carmody
for her affirmation of faith in my work and confirmation of my status as an artist.
The Very Supportive Group
of relatives, friends, acquaintances, officemates, and strangers who spared their precious time to fellowship with me that night of 14 September 2002. The synchronicity of events of the evening clearly indicated to me that the path has been laid and cleared and the rest has been left up to me.
Adele Preziosi
my dear friend, whose collections (lamps, plants, teapots) afforded me a host of subject material.
Renee Hyatt
for her elegant skill that made possible this Web site, and for her infinite patience in dealing with this old geezer.

Brief Bio
Born 30 September 1946 in Manila, Philippines.
BS degree in Business Administration.
Moved to the USA in late 1979.

In 2008, the artist retired from private employment and moved back to the Philippines where he has settled down, for now, in the quaint, little city of San Pablo, Laguna (a 2-hour drive away south of metropolitan Manila). He resides in a 2-level house where, from its roof-deck, the eastern horizon presents a priceless view of the majestic twin mountains of San Cristobal and Banahaw.

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